by Fellwoods

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released January 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Fellwoods Portland, Oregon

Formerly The Moss from Portland, Oregon. Psychedelic heavy music for the connoisseur. Formed Spring/Summer of 2010 in the basement of The Druid House. CDs available on At War With False Noise Records early 2012, LPs coming soon on Svart Records.

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Track Name: Mercenary
Ride a broken pony in the desert sun
Cut a thousand hearts before the day is done
Feel a crumpled body underneath my sword
Sold them for a sharp edge and a bag of gold

Weary to the bone but the thirst persist’
Gotta keep on runnin by the way of Fist
Hiding like a jackal from the gleaming shield
Cutting down my quarry in a fallow field

River running red as I send you down
Forgotten creed, forsaken code, I can’t be stopped
Until I fall.
Track Name: Brutal Hoof
Born of High Blood, purest black, lineage of the Olde
Ruler of the northern Tundra, heart of burning gold.
Selected by discerning hands, for Glories still to come,
Valiant madness of the Wilds, you born to run.

Thunder of the endless grasslands, none could best your strength.
Dust and drought or Winter’s grip, no matter season’s length.
Tempered by the endless trials, with courage running deep,
You will join me as I ride; a thousand souls to reap.

You will take your place, at the front of the charge
As you gather speed, all fear is left behind,
Ever pressing on, wind tears at your face
Helpless souls will fall before you, like the tears of a thousand stars in space.
Track Name: Widow Trakk
I’ve traveled down this path a thousand times
There isn’t any pass that I won’t climb
Word is out I leave a trail of dead
Handing out an army’s worth of dread

Everywhere I go, the widows follow

My armor bristles with the hardened steel
Carried by a man who doesn’t feel
For any bold enough to cross my path
Cold resolve more dangerous than any man’s wrath

Everywhere I go, the widows follow
Track Name: La Cantina
Take a sip from a scorpion’s tail down here.
Ride a hawk through dust and wind and fear.
Air’s so dry your tongue prefers the sand.
Cactus quills to decorate your hands.

Taste the flesh and bone of snake and rat.
Vulture’s blood to stain your catskin hat.
Thirst named Mezcal Blue Agave Heart,
Don’t forget your boot for razor’s art.

In La Cantina

Friend or foe you’ll never learn a name.
Final rites initiate the game.
You eat your beans from a bowl of human skull.
From the menu there’s deer or horse or bull.
Track Name: Un Vultur
Carried on the wind to the shores of the Southlands
Living off the spoils of continuous war.
Doom of my arrival like the opening of dead hands
None will stand before me, in the path of my sword.

Falling down from the misty mountain
Chaos is my home.
Raining down like a crimson fountain
Leaving ash and bone.

Pray I cannot find where you’re hiding your gold
No one’s ever lived to tell the tale.
I’ll burn down keep and village as the legend foretold
Spreading like a shadow I will follow your trail.

On a bloody path I have made this land my own.
When I rest at night I lay alone.
If you stand against me, just remember this:
Every house will fall beneath my iron fist.

Ain’t no arrow’s gonna bring me down.
Track Name: Wulfram
Wulfram, ride the sacred night.
Deep inside the hollow of the moon,
Start your ancient rite.
Incantation of the stone,
Sharp as serpent’s blade.
One for the Daughters of the Earth,
Color soon to fade.

You really wanna know her name?

Wulfram, astral viper’s light.
Stealing fire from the landsman
For eternal night.
Conquer mountains, rivers, valleys,
Bleaching wood and bone.
Bring her tribute, give her blood,
Ascending to the throne.

You really wanna know her name?
Is it worth the price you’ll pay?

If you want to see her,
You will give your life.
If you want to see her, if you want to touch her,
Burn your temple, leave your home,
All is lost; give her every piece of your soul.
Track Name: Fell Hand (as foretold)
In the forest beneath the hills
A cavern’s yawning mouth
Housed the maiden and her wyrm
In darkness holding out.

Seeking only to heal the wound
Her Love had handed down
Cruel lord of stolen lands
Usurper of the Krown.

Great shadow moves across the darkened sky
Violet sheet is blotting out the moon
The Girl who slew a thousand mortal men
Stands before the boy who she once knew.

And she looks into his eyes
Is there anything left?
Of the Love once so pure and true
Can she do what she came to do?

His Love for her was his saving grace
Shadows fled from the fire of his heart
But on the night of the hidden moon
Nothing still remained
Coldest gaze and in his hand a Blade